TEACHEDMOBILE: Going Mobile in Teacher Education


Going Mobile in Teacher Education: Preparing Today’s Teachers for Tomorrow’s Classrooms

TeachEdMobile project is supported by the European Commission’s Marie Curie Career Integration Grant aims to provide, through research and development, methodological and curricular support to teachers and teacher educators so that they have research-informed resources and curriculum for the integration of mobile applications into learning environments.

Europe needs to equip its young population with digital competencies to gain and maintain its competitive advantage in the global economy. This need, as recognized by the European Commission, clearly requires a concerned research effort in preparing future teachers with necessary skills and knowledge to integrate mobile applications into learning and teaching settings. Mobile technologies are one of the most promising and accelerating ICTs in Europe and around the world. The project results will contribute to the overall quality of teacher education programs across Europe and better prepare teachers for tomorrow’s learning environments.

Dr. Evrim Baran (Project Coordinator), Assistant Professor, Department of Educational Sciences, Middle East Technical University, Ankara, Turkey.

Tel: +90 312 2104017, Email: ebaran (at) metu.edu.tr WEB: www.evrimbaran.com Research Group Page: www.latte.eds.metu.edu.tr