TEACHEDMOBILE: Going Mobile in Teacher Education

Evaluating Educational Mobile Apps with the PTC3 Framework

The PTC3 framework aims to help evaluate the affordances and pedagogical potentials of educational mobile apps. The framework was developed based on our research conducted as part of the TeachEdMobile funded by the European Commission. The framework includes five evaluation categories: Pedagogy, Technical Usability, Content, Connectivity, and Contextuality. The categories and the criteria were identified based on the analysis of a series of usability analysis conducted with preservice teachers in different domains.


Version: August, 2016

adopted to different education contexts with tests conducted with different participants. For details regarding the research, check out:

Baran, E., Uygun, E., & Altan, T. (2016). Examining Preservice Teachers’ Criteria for Evaluating Educational Mobile Apps. Journal of Educational Computing Research. DOI:  doi: 10.1177/0735633116649376

For accessing the tool, please email Dr. Baran.

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