TEACHEDMOBILE: Going Mobile in Teacher Education


The EU-Funded TeachEdMobile project was designed to provide, through research and development, methodological and curricular support to teacher educators so that they have research informed resources and curriculum for the integration of mobile applications into their teacher education programs. Under this primary objective, the project aimed to achieve the following sub-objectives:

  1. To establish criterion-referenced assessments with preservice teachers that will help to judge the educational value of mobile applications, provide a baseline for the teacher education curriculum, and provide ideas for new mobile applications that could potentially help produce usable applications.
  2. To develop resources for teacher educators to help preservice teachers learn about mobile applications and apply it to instructional environments with learners.
  3. To develop and test research instruments that assess evidence of preservice teachers’ knowledge of the effective integration of mobile applications into their teaching settings.
  4. To design and deliver a new “Going Mobile in Teacher Education” open course to develop preservice teachers’ knowledge of effective integration of mobile applications and disseminate the research-informed mobile application curriculum to the interested educators in Europe and around the world.
  5. To perform Marie Curie outreach activities.